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September 05
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October 05
Bring & Buy Evening - November 05 December Social Evening    

Christmas Social Evening

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Thanks to all of you who braved the weather to attend our Social Evening; I hope you all enjoyed the informality of it. I would also like to thank Jacky and Julie for helping Chris set up and John for taking the photos.  I just hope you didn’t break the camera!

Chris welcomed everyone to the evening and hoped we had all had a good year for 2005 and wished us an even better year for 2006.   It was great to have the company of our President Elect, Gerald Binks.  Our club will certainly benefit from his knowledge and input.

The chat around the tables was about everything from birds (as you would expect) to computers and digital cameras. We just hope a certain senior member will let his wife have a dominant pied to go with the yellow face she already has!

A couple of members said they had lost good birds, which is such a sad thing this early in the breeding season.  However, hopefully it is just a small hick-up and everything else will go well from now on.

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Our Vice Chairman took to the floor to thank everyone for coming and Chris for doing the refreshments. He also asked if anyone was prepared to take on the Treasurer’s position for the club as, due to pressure of work, William could no longer do the job but would stay on as a committee member.
He also thanked Gerald for coming and taking on the Presidency and said it could only benefit the club’s standing within the budgerigar fancy. Someone with a good sense of humour asked how much he was being paid to say that! Needless to say we all left after having a good laugh, which was very nice.

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Chris would like to thank Pam for the lovely flowers and wishes both Ricky and me a speedy recovery from our operations. I would like to thank Chris for taking the minutes for me these past couple of months.  She has done an admirable job.

A good breeding season and Happy New Year to you all.

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Bring & Buy Evening

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Thank you to all who came to the bring and buy sale. We all had a good time and the banter flowed thick and fast (mostly from the chair and your auctioneer for the night).

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The evening started with tea, coffee and a chat about the club show and the up coming breeding season, which is such a nice way to start the evening.

We had a lot of ‘lots’ to get through. Thanks to Malcolm for collecting your money, to John Gorrell for taking the photos but mostly for all present who put their hands in their pockets and parted with their money.

The most expensive lot on the night was a first aid box, which you could have performed open-heart surgery with and I just hope that Nigel, who paid 10 for it, will never have to use it!


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bandd08.jpg (7343 bytes) The cheapest was a fluffy pen, which went for 50p.  To everyone who bought from the bring and buy or who left items to auction, a very big ‘thank you’. To all those of you who put your hands in your pockets for the raffle, our thanks again.  We raised just over a 100 and it was a great night.

Don't forget our Christmas Social, or should I say early New Year Social. We will be having food and alcoholic drinks, but for those who want tea and coffee that will also be available! 

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I spoke to Defra prior to the meeting, explaining about our club’s pairs judging competition at Northdowns BS and giving them all the details, my contact number, the format in which it would be presented to the members and our Bio Security conforming to BS rulings.  Defra said if there were any problems they would contact me direct.

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Having received no calls from them by 6pm our evening’s entertainment went ahead, with our President Elect, Gerald Binks, doing the honours of placing the pairings from 1 - 10 in the order in which he thought would produce the best youngsters.  He also chose the best cock & hen from any cage as the overall best pair and indicated which bird he would take home if given the choice.

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Once decided it was now the members task to try and match Geralds choice, if possible, which turned out a fun time for all because of the pairings in front of them. It was agreed that condition was not to be taken into account, it was the features of the birds themselves that counted.

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When all slips had been collected the nearest to Gerald’s selection was Mick Mapston, who was congratulated by everyone.

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The seating and bird tables were then rearranged so that Gerald could put the birds in order of merit and explain the reasons for their placing and point out the various good and poor features within each pairing [in his opinion].

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All in all it was a very enjoyable social evening, which is what club nights should be.  Our thanks again to Gerald for judging and entertaining us and our good wishes for the 2nd edition of his book, The Challenge, which should be with us in the spring of 2006.

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PAT & GREN NORRIS - September 05

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Our Chairman introduced our speakers, Pat & Gren Norris, who went on to explain the evening’s format, which was a film show with comments about the birds and the various  features they were putting into them.

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Gren was the ‘flicker’ as Pat pointed out the back ground and blood lines and where they came from. They spoke about the two very bad breeding seasons they had experienced, having bred only 7 one year and 43 the next. However, they had rung 170 this year, without any Lutinos producing. They said they had brought in new stock, with the cocks having long flight characteristics to enhance the length of the birds & hens that sat very upright without being heavy under neath[as these are the type that do not breed] but both sexes have to have blow on head feathers. Gren said to be very carefull not to double up on long flight birds[not for beginners]

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The use of a good cock to several hens is critical to building a good stud. Up to four hens will be used with certain cock birds to produce the desired features in the chicks.  We then touched on A.I., which is used abroad in certain countrys which produces very good birds [peas in pods] but may end with a strain that will not breed themselves in the future. TEA   TIME

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After the break, which had lots of discussion going on, Gren started talking about their light Green 2001 rung which kept breeding ‘good uns’.  When the bird returned to the flight for rest he looked poor and bullied other birds so it was best to carry on using him and get good chicks.

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They both talked about the importance of their dark factor birds, also about putting a dark green pied cock into their lutinos for double factor = cobalts. They said that if albinos popped up it wouldn’t be a problem if the quality was good.

We ended with a questions and answers session which was not dull to say the least and very informative.

With the raffle drawn and kindest thanks to our guests the evening closed. There was thanks from the floor to Chris Angus-Smith for entertaining and feeding our guests before the meeting and for donating the funds for their bed & breakfast.

Club Evening Wednesday 20th July

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On Wednesday July 20th we were entertained by George Booth [BS President Elect] and Phil Proctor from Worcester.  Our thanks to them. They started by each giving step-by-step accounts of their introduction to keeping birds, which was both interesting and amusing. As we all know, Phil was well known for his Clearwings through his successes on the show bench.   Although a purist on colour in his early days, he soon started to introduce the larger varieties as outcrosses, which weakened the clarity of wing markings but kept him winning on the show bench. He bred a super Yellow-wing cock out of a green outcross third generation that pushed hard for BIS [Judges were 2-2-1 the judge that voted on single bird was brought back, but unfortunately went with the Cinnamon.]

Although in a partnership they kept their birds as two separate studs, which allowed them to have their own outcrosses within the partnership. Phil has not kept birds for the last twelve months, but still keeps involved and up to date with the fancy.

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George, on the other hand, has a passion for good Light Greens, which is the toughest class to win. George was also in a partnership for 7 or 8 years, which had the advantage of his partner being able to check and help to show the birds when he was on shift work. He let go all of his blue stock to concentrate on the greens and his fortune changed when he swapped a bird with the late Jim Moffett [Goodun].  George went on to talk about the spangle and how we are spoiling them by using Opalines & Cinnamons, which is diluting markings and colour.

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Both speakers said not to leave it to long before getting back to having an open show, as Northdowns was one of the better shows in the country, run very professionally with good entries. There were lots of questions and answers in the final session, including the mention of bringing back prize money to help swell show entries.  All enjoyed our guests and the way they came across.

Young Stock Show - June 2005

This was well attended by members plus two new members joined, although there were not as many birds as expected for our appointed Judge of the evening, Ron Payne and Show Secretary Nigel Darley.

We asked Ron to explain the judging and comment as he went along, on the style of the American judging system, with members sitting in front of the birds. Everyone enjoyed this.

Best Budgerigar:  Geoff Dell D/Factor Spangle

Best B/Head:        Jackie Fox Albino
Best Champion:    Geoff Dell
Best Intermiate:    John Harvey

All had a good social evening with plenty of interaction and discussions about shows and breeding problems. Mick Mapston was busy selling his wares, as you can see from the photos.

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Roger Carr at Northdowns - March 05

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Roy Aplin at Northdowns - April 05

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Ken Fagan at Northdowns - May 05

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Ken talked about his start and how he got to his present status. He said he didn't buy a stud because he didn't have the experience or know how to get the best from a stud.

He brought different birds from all over UK and built up friendships with true breeders to which he goes back to get out crosses.

He has brick built bird room 20`x20` with uncovered flights, box in box nest boxes with seed hoppers as Jo Mannes.

Has visited Jo last year and this year for out crosses [said his stud is superb] pairs birds on visual first then looks at blood lines with the cock put in breeding cage on own while looking for suitable  hen to balance pairing, plucks vents and thinks this enhances his results.

States that you need to breed numbers to give yourselves a choice at selection time.Tries to remove chicks at 40 days and straight into purpose made flight and keeps close eye on them.Has also repaired pairs used at last years breeding if results are good and will continual to do so.

Believes section time to champion at current levels is correct to gain the experience required to stay there, but added fast tracking to being a judge could be a benefit.

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Aviary Visit G. Binks - August 05

On a lovely summer’s evening we were entertained by Gerald & Joyce Binks, who laid on refreshments to suit the weather.

Once in the birdroom Gerald started his talk on his stud to date, commenting on the various   blood lines and feather types he had brought in from Europe from three different studs which he has now blended into his own birds.  This was evident from the style of birds we were looking at.

We had the pleasure of looking at 14 pairs in show cages put up for us  to veiw and comment on/disscuss, including new stock which displayed boxey heads and horizontal feathering, unlike the normal British budgie.

For those who turned up it was a very enjoyable learning curve and an insight into what can be achieved when dedicated to this great hobby.

Our thanks again to Gerald & Joyce [and Grandaughters] for entertaining us.

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