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November 2015 - Presidents Evening & Christmas Draw

Our chairman, Jim Lawrie, opened the meeting and welcomed everybody. Apologies were received from Graham Cornwall, Dee Boscoe, Shaun Thompson, John Mullen, John Clarke, Harry & Sue Wadley, Colin Ives and George Wilson.


Everyone was advised of the forthcoming AGM and told that they would be emailed the paper work etc.  Copies of the 2014 AGM minutes and general paperwork will be available at the AGM in January for those without Emails.


With that Jim handed over to me to explain the format for the evening, which was that we would start with the food brought by Brian Mansell on behalf of Graham Cornwall, who was unable to come as his wife was just out of hospital and couldn’t be left alone. So we started with the food and then I started the Christmas draw, which went on for some time.


With 50 prizes to award I summoned the help of anyone near me to draw the names out.  The winners drew their own prize numbers, which I had a bit of fun with etc to liven up the proceedings.


All of us there enjoyed the buffet very much, so many thanks to Brian & his team for all their hard work in arranging such a lovely spread!

Many thanks also to everyone that made it such a great evening. 

October 2015 - Members Show

The Members Show was well supported again this year with 81 birds benched!

Apologies were received from John Mullen, Colin Ives, George Wilson and Andrew McKendrick.

It was good to have Brian Duncombe, our Show Manager, working well with our judge, Pete Smith, with John Clarke assisting! Also, many thanks to all of the Clarke family; they were great with all the help they gave.

So ‘thank you’ to all who took the time to bring birds to the show; it was good to see you all and with everybody helping it made it a very enjoyable day for all.

After being booked in the birds were placed on the staging by all of our helpers, under the guidance of Brian Duncombe and John Clarke.

Once Pete had started judging he gave a very clear running evaluation, explaining the reasons for his choices, sometimes judging from right to left and then from left to right to make it more interesting!

That aside, the best bird won on the day, because the Judge is always right. We thank Pete for giving a full explanation on various faults on the birds.

We had a full ploughman’s lunch after the judging of the major awards, which generated lots of conversation on winning birds.

The major awards were made as follows, with the remainder on the attached sheet:

  • Best in Show                           Alex Whitman
  • Best Young Bird in Show       Jim Lawrie

All in all we had a very good day, with everyone helping at some stage, for which I would like to thank you all again.

  BEST BUDGERIGAR IN SHOW( Sheild)   Alex Whitman 15-2 Cup 
   BEST YOUNG BIRD IN SHOW   Jim Lawrie 105-1 Cup
  BEST ANY AGE IN SHOW   Alex Whitman 15-2 Bag Seed 
  BEST OPPOSITE SEX ANY AGE   Alex Whitman 10-1 Bag Seed 
   BEST OPPOSITE SEX YOUNG BIRD   Alex Whitman 117-1  Rosette
  BEST CHAMPION BIRD   Jim Lawrie 105-1  Bag Seed  
  BEST CHAMPION ANY AGE         Rosette   Jim Lawrie 1-2 Medal
  BEST CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD   Rosette   Jim Lawrie 105-1 Rundown
  BEST INTERMEDIATE BIRD   Alex Whitman 15-2  Rosette
  BEST INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE   Rosette   Alex Whitman 15-2 Medal
  BEST INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRDRosette   Alex Whitman 117-1 Rundown
  BEST NOVICE BIRD   David Rice 315-1 Bag Seed 
  BEST NOVICE ANY AGE            Rosette   David Rice 206-1 Medal
  BEST NOVICE YOUNG BIRD      Rosette   David Rice 315-1 Bag Seed 
  BEST BEGINNER BIRD   Shuan Thompson & Dee Boscoe 209-1 Bag Seed 
  BEST BEGINNER ANY AGE           Rosette   Shuan Thompson & Dee Boscoe 209-1 Medal
  BEST BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD    Rosette   Shuan Thompson & Dee Boscoe 317-1 Bag Seed 
  BEST JUNIOR Bird   Jenny Boscoe  801-1  Rosette
  BEST JUNIOR ANY AGE BIRD   Jenny Boscoe  801-1  Rosette
BEST LUTINO   NE    Rosette
BEST ALBINO   NE    Rosette
In Rundown Bags of Seed awarded to: Jim Lawrie,  (2) Dell & Plummer,Martin Terry & graham Cornwall        
  12 Bags Seed Most you can win is 2 Bags it then goes to next in Line!


September 2015 - EGM

The EGM meeting was called to order at 8.18 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman Jim Lawrie.  

I then gave the apologies from Andrew McKendrick, Malcolm & Pam Freemantle, Colin Ives, George Wilson, George Suttcliff, Barbara Davis, Andy Poole and John Mullen.(9)

Present: (20)

Chris Angus-Smith       Tony Cash

John Gorrell                 Brian Duncombe

Graham Cornwall         Jim Lawrie

Shaun Thompson         Dee Boscoe

Alex Whitman              Brian Mansell

Will &Barbara Bien      Martin Terry

Derrick Ham                 Harry & Sue Wadley

John Clarke                  Ricky Watts

David Rice                    Delia Smith

This EGM was called to try and avoid going to an AGM in January with no prospective candidates coming forward to take on official duties / office to run the club. (As last year)

After a very lively start to the meeting, as you would expect at an EGM, it settled down to a very constructive meeting with lots of different ideas being put forward, which would allow the club to go forward into 2016 and beyond.  So having this meeting has helped to keep the club with all its history from closing down, like so many others.

The club is in a sound financial position, as discussed at the meeting, with the figures on a spread sheet that were produced by our treasurer for this meeting.

The Christmas draw has £403.00 after tonight’s takings, of which 20% will be taken to club funds as agreed at the committee meeting held on the 27th February 2015 as we don’t have a fund raising bring & buy nowadays

 (We may do the draw again at our members show)?

We then had a raffle and Jim thanked all members and closed the meeting, wishing all a safe and easier journey home then the one getting here.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 17th October for the Members Show: (Sales class to be added with £1 entry fee)

After all the conversation and gestures, could next years top table / officers look like the table below?

President Elect - Harry Wadley

Chairperson - Graham Cornwall

Vice Chairman - John Gorrell

General Secretaries - Dee Boscoe & Shaun Thompson

Membership Secretary - Brian Mansell

Treasurer - Delia Smith

Show / Secretary -  Tony Cash    (Non Officer)

Publicity / Program - Ricky Watts 

Catering - ??

Patronage Secretary - ?

Show Manager - Brian Duncombe

Bio –Security - (Anyone)

July 2015 - Pairs Competition

The meeting was called to order at 8.06 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Jim Lawrie.  I then gave the apologies from Andrew McKendrick, Pam Freemantle, Dee Boscoe, Shaun Thompson, Alex Whitman and John Mullen.

With the birds benched we elected David Rice to do the judging as ‘pairs you would put together to overcome any problems in the birds and to achieve the type of young you would like’, whilst we dealt with some club business. 

I then gave a brief of the format for the evening, which was asking everyone to pair up 4 pairs of birds as if they were the only birds in their stud and then keep their judging slips on them until asked in part 2, when we would compare their pairings with David Rice’s pairings.

After 25 minutes David had finished judging the pairings, so all started to judge and we also had the tea break and general chat at same time.

I then put David’s pairs together and asked David his reasons for his pairings and to give us his comments regarding the quality of the birds benched and the faults and good features that were in front of him.  David explained why he had chosen his pairings.  By trying to balance both the good features and the faults he gave his ideas for improving the birds, bearing in mind that he didn’t know the background / pedigree of them.

We had breeders there from top champions like Malcolm Freemantle to beginners like Derek Ham (who is still building up his stud) so it was nice to see the interaction between them all.

The winners of the evening were the members who attended the meeting.  I then said we were sorry to hear that Clive Mayers, a long standing member of Northdowns BS, was moving away to Gloucester, as he would be missed!

Well done to all of the above on having a good eye for pairing up and thanks for bringing your birds .We then had a raffle and Jim thanked all members and closed the meeting, wishing all a safe journey hom

I look forward to seeing everyone on Friday 18th September for the EGM to discuss the clubs future! (Early because of BS Club Show)

June 2015 - Ray Piper

The meeting was called to order at 8.04 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Jim Lawrie.  I then gave the apologies from Andrew McKendrick, Mike Ball, John Gorrell, Pam & Malcolm Freemantle, Alex Whitman and John Mullen.

Jim then introduced our speaker for the evening, Ray Piper, who is the Chairman of Havant CBS and has kept all sorts of birds in his time in the hobby.  His present stock is of aprox 200 birds of all varieties (or so his better half said who travelled up with him for support!).

Ray started by telling us about his life in birds from his childhood to the current day, which was very interesting regarding the types of birds he has kept over the years.


He brought along with him 4 of the species that he keeps now; a Gouldian Finch ,Silver Java Sparrow, Gold Breasted Waxbill and Fire Finch, which were all in very good feather condition and beautiful in colour.

After discussing the birds and explaining some of the pitfalls in breeding some of them, he then started the slide show of his own birds that he keeps now and breeds from. This went on until the tea break, with lots of comments from members, some of whom kept or used to breed some of the birds shown in Ray’s slides.


Once again, we all showed our appreciation to Ray for a very entertaining evening and for not taking any expenses.


Thanks also to all the helpers in the kitchen with the washing up etc, which made life a bit easier for Chris Angus-Smith.

I would also like to thank all of those who brought birds along tonight and to Geoff Dell for being the Judge. (Very Good birds on show).

After Ray had left we went on to talk about the budgies that Geoff had judged, with most agreeing with his assessment of the birds.  I was asking members various questions regarding the quality of all the birds, including the bird placed last which was a Cobalt hen and all agreed they would take it home, which shows how good they were.

May 2015 - Young Stock Show

The meeting was called to order at 8.04 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Jim Lawrie.  I then gave the apologies from Andrew McKendrick, Paul Gover, Alex Whitman, John Mullen, Clive Mayers, Graham Cornwall, Ricky Watts and Alan Joyce. 

Peter Merritt, our judge for the evening, started judging the birds at 8.35pm, after explaining how he was going to judge them and that he would make some allowance because of condition, as some of the birds this year seemed to be in-between moults.

Because it was a young stock show the classes were grouped together ‘cock and hen’ to simplify the judging and Peter said that condition was not paramount, as it was a members young bird show. Also, reclassification would happen if required, as no one would be wrong classed.


Whilst judging Peter explained what features he was actually looking for in the birds and said that when there were two very similar birds it was difficult to place them first and second, as you needed to take into account all of their features / faults. He also stressed that birds entered deserved the time to allow them to perch.


As the judging went on Peter kept up a running commentary and ensured that everyone could see what he was doing. He asked for questions and comments as he was judging and also when he had finished.


After the break I announced the winners of the evening with Jim Lawrie taking Best Young Bird and Shaun & Dee Boscoe for Best Young Bird Opposite Sex.


Peter then started to explain about the birds and the faults and the reasons why they were placed where they were on the benches.


Our thanks to Steve Cox, for assisting Peter Merritt and to Brian Duncombe, our show manager, for keeping a keen eye on the proceedings. 


Thanks also to all the helpers in the kitchen washing up etc, which made life a bit easier for Chris Angus-Smith.

Our congratulations to the main winners of the evening:

  • Jim Lawrie : Best bird in show – Grey Green Cock


  • Shaun & Dee Boscoe : Best Opposite Sex -  Grey Green  Spangle Hen    
  • Jim Lawrie:  Best champion –  Grey Green Cock 
  • Colin Ives:  Best intermediate – Cin Sky Hen
  •  Best Novice - N/E
  • Shaun & Dee Boscoe: Best Beginner –  Grey Green  Spangle Hen    

I would also like to thank all of those that helped with the setting up and removal of the trestles, plus other jobs, which makes life a lot easier.

April 2015 - Mick Freeborn

The meeting was called to order at 8.04 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Jim Lawrie.  I then gave the apologies from Andrew McKendrick, Paul Gover, Alex Whitman and Mike Ball.

I said that I had emailed all members with the Young Stock show paperwork for the May 29th meeting and also had hard copies here for those who have trouble printing etc.

Jim then opened the meeting, asking Mick Freeborn to come to the top table to update us all on his progress with his new birds since his stud was stolen on October 16th 2013.

Mick started with the morning of the 16th when he went down to open up at about 5am, as he always went in early to work to open up the garage. He said he noticed that the outside security light wasn’t working and when he went to open the door it fell off its hinges. He then realised what had happened and in shock he went and said to Linda that all the birds had been stolen. He then went into work - although he still doesn’t know why he did (shock) - and when he told his colleagues what had happened they said, ‘what are you doing here’, so he went back home and called the police and then me.

The police arrived late am and by that time I had posted it all on facebook, also emailing all the breeders on my contact list, so some kind of action could be put into place regarding birds being offered to breeders / trades people etc.   Mick said when he came back he noticed a show cage on the floor with 7 birds in it and, on checking, noticed that 4 of them were bred off his Pied line, which was one of his best lines.

After lots of various false calls / claims he started to think he didn’t want birds anymore and was still in a state of shock after having them for over 50 years or so.

Then it was time for the BS show in Doncaster, which he & Steve Cox always work with the entry of birds and he was still in the same frame of mind regarding the birds. He then met the BBC southern TV crew, who followed him around talking to him about the fact that he couldn’t stop keeping birds.  With that plus the offers of birds from various breeders he started to come round to the idea of starting again as a new beginning with all different bloodlines.

With the split from Linda at this time he had decided to move to Chandlers Ford with his daughter, who brought a log effect type cabin / bird room which he started to fit out.

But living there was not as easy as he thought and after some time he was back with Linda at the bungalow and having to refit it out as most of the original flights / cages had gone over to Steve Cox’s, so the full circle was complete!  His enthusiasm for judging is still there and this year he is judging 6 championship shows, which include the London & Southern Counties BS Open show and he is booked in to judge at the 2016 BS show in Doncaster!

After tea break the evening continued with the final comments from him regarding the need to bring in some decent feathering around the face /head of his birds.

 We then had John Gorrell join me at the top table to talk about the miniatures’ he had brought along and how he acquired them. He goes to Cornwall a lot, as his outlaw lives there and also Maurice Roberts is not far away who he visits often.  He gave Maurice 2 Green cock birds and came away with 4 pairs of miniatures’, which he has been breeding (all types of varieties coming from them).  

Maurice showed one of the green cocks at the BS show as his bird was not fit and won the red dot, but couldn’t be awarded the “CC” because John hadn’t used a BS ring.


I then asked Clive Mayers to join me to give us all an update on Terry Smith. Clive said he was doing well and he might be having a new birdroom closer to the house so it would be easier for him with his frame to manage, as the existing one is making life too difficult. Clive is going to see if he can get Terry to one of our meetings soon!

Once again, we all showed our appreciation to Mick, John and Clive and others for contributing to the Open Forum format for a very entertaining evening that we all had.

Our thanks to all that brought birds along for the evening, Martin Terry, John Gorrell and Dee & Shaun.  

The evening then concluded after the raffle and all were wished a safe journey home.

March 2015 - Roy Aplin

The meeting was called to order at 8.04 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Jim Lawrie, before he introduced our speaker for the evening.  I mentioned about our committee meeting regarding the members show in October and that we were going to have the same format and rewards again of 13 bags of seed to winners, as this was well received last year.  I then mentioned the Dorset & District Seminar on Sunday 17th May and left details on the table for members to take details from.

Apologies were received from Paul Gover, Andrew McKendrick, Harry & Sue Wadley, Delia Smith, Brian Mansell, Brian Duncombe, John Gorrell and Alex Whitman.

Jim then introduced Roy Aplin, our speaker for the evening, a well known breeder of budgies from Dorset, wild life artist and former BS President.

Roy started off by showing his pictures / drawings of the Ideal Budgerigar and then compared them to many others he had brought along with him, some with extreme feathering and various other ones in different colours, to demonstrate the Ideal now and one that showed where we may be going with hobby? All agreed that the bird had to be in proportion with deportment / style even if it was a large bird which wasn’t long tailed. The main feature we are all looking for is the head quality to breed into our birds while maintaining and not losing the overall shape / deportment of the bird.

When asked how he started in drawing / painting birds and various other items, he said he always had some sort of talent as a youngster and came to the fore when he met Eric Peake who is known by all for his artwork!

With comments from the floor on most of his drawings regarding the size of the birds now / show cages, many ideas were discussed with no real simple answer to the evolving Budgie, which has been happening since the Ken Farmer / Joe Collier days. (Ask Jeff Attwood when you see him).

After tea break the evening continued with question and answers, which was very interesting as we covered almost all subjects within the hobby and with 4 BS panel judges in the room we were all looking for their views on many things which the hobby seems to query at times. (We had some very open & honest answers, some political, so no more comment).

Once again, we all showed our appreciation to Roy for a very entertaining evening and for not wanting any expenses’

Our thanks to all that brought birds along for the evening and to Geoff Dell for judging them!

The evening then concluded after the raffle and all were wished a safe journey home.

February 2015 - Gary Hale

The meeting was called to order at 8.04 pm and everyone was welcomed by our new Chairman, Jim Lawrie. Apologies were received from Dereck Ham, Andy Poole, Clive Mayers, Rick Watts, Jeff Plummer and Geoff Dell.  Jim then introduced Gary Hale, our speaker for the evening.

Gary started by giving an explanation as to why he and David Davies spit the partnership in 2008, when all the birds went to David’s place because of the personal problems that Gary had. He said that when he had sorted out the problems and wanted the birds back he only got back 21 cocks & 17 hens, which is well below the number taken to David’s aviary. They haven’t now spoken for 4 years.

He said he became a Welsh BS panel judge at 21 years old and won Best YB at the Welsh BS show in 1992.  His aims were:

  • Only show your own rung birds and not brought in birds
  • Show at Championship shows only
  • Keep only the quality birds with the desired features and dispose of others

Gary explained about his feeding methods and supplements and treatment of the bird room for diseases etc. He uses a lot of horse products such as “Dobson & Horrell” Hedgerow Herbs also Thrive (Horses).

He makes up a month’s supply of soft food and freezes it into amounts he would use in a day, as he hasn’t always the time to spend making it up each day.

Gary said we all need a bit of luck and once he had a super cock but no hen for him, so he was lent a Roger Long hen which produced 5 super chicks before she passed on (odd pairing brought good results).

Also, the Moorhouse birds he acquired with the fluffy head feather had improved his birds and he has still maintained the length and deportment in the birds as well.

During the slide show of the many birds and 20` X 12 aviary with deep nest box’s (now PVC), we were given a running commentary on all aspects of the bloodlines and from whom he acquired stock, including his friend in Scotland who he swaps with. (We all should do this)

After tea break the evening continued with lots of pictures of quality birds, some with minor faults that he is working on. We then had questions and answers.

Question: What do you look for in a good hen?

Answer:  She has to sit on the perch well and not lie across it and also stand well up. However, I look for these features in all my birds; style is all important, as well as everything that makes a good bird.

Question: Do your hens have trouble getting in and out of the nest box?

Answer: No trouble at all and, as I previously said, the chicks don’t come out so soon with the deep boxes I use and therefore I don’t have as many problems.  They are fed that bit longer within the nest box and are more able to cope if they do happen to come out too soon.

Question: Do you get many aviary visitors to your birdroom?

Answer: No. People don’t seem to want to come over the bridge to come and see me!   (L&SC BS will in May 2015)

Once again, we all showed our appreciation to Gary for a very entertaining evening.

January 2015 - Annual General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8.05 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairperson, Chris Angus-Smith.

Apologies were received from Alan & Gwen Joyce, John Mullen, Andrew McKendrick, Jeff Plummer, Geoff Dell, George Wilson, Colin Ives, Derrick Ham, Jacky Fox, John Bishop, Harry & Sue Wadley, Mick Freeborn, Steve Cox, Will Bien, Brian Smart, Malcolm & Pam Freemantle, and Graham Cornwall.  Thank you to the 16 that managed to make it so we could have an AGM!

Northdowns Minutes of AGM 2014

These had been sent to all Email members before the meeting and hard copies were given out at the meeting. Barbara Davis read out the 2014 minutes and there were no matters arising.

(Minutes then taken as a true account of AGM 2014: Proposed by Jim Lawrie – Seconded by David Rice)

The President’s Report

The President, Graham Cornwall, was unable to attend because of illness.

The Chairperson then gave her report:

Chris Angus-Smith said she had enjoyed her last year very much and that having good speakers made it even better. She went on to thank her committee for all of their hard work during the year.

Chris then gave a thank you to all that helped in the kitchen during the year, also to Tony for all the work he does on behalf of Northdowns.

She said we had had good attendances at the meetings because we had good speakers; we were heading in right direction, with a full programme for 2015 and the 2016 programme almost complete.

At this time Rick Watts stood up to thank Chris for all her work over the past years and for all that her and David, her late husband, had done to keep the Northdowns BS alive and well.  He said that without them it would have certainly closed down a long time ago. With that we all showed our appreciation to Chris.

General and Membership Secretary’s report:

Tony Cash started by thanking the committee for all their work during the year, which had contributed to the success of the club (although the balance sheet says differently we know why and it will be explained later). He said that he had intended to stand down this year, after 10 years doing all the jobs he does and have a break.  However, after lots of conversations with various members who said they would be willing to take some of the work load, here he is aghin.

Tony said he had revamped the club membership spread sheets to give a more realistic insight as to how many members we actually had, having taken off  the casual visits by breeders that only came as odd guests now and then, which meant we had 49 members (including life, partners and other free memberships), although we had also lost a couple as well.  All of the meetings had been well attended during the year and he hoped this would continue during 2015 and beyond. There were now only 5 members without Emails!

Tony confirmed that the hall was booked for the year 2015 (and 2016 provisionally) on the last Friday of each month, although the BS show had moved  to September in 2015. Also, the October meeting, being the Members Show, which was well supported last year after a poor year in 2013 because of clashes with other local clubs, would be held on Saturday 17th October in 2015 from 9.30am to 3.30pm and 15th October in 2016! The first committee meeting on Feb 27th was to be held at 6.45pm before the main meeting started (agenda to follow).

Treasurer’s report

Barbara Davis went through the profit and loss/balance sheet reports that had been sent or given out to members. Barbara said that, compared to 2013, the income had gone up slightly but the expenditure had gone way up.   This was because the food for the barbecue, members show and Christmas draw was all paid for out of club funds (which it never used to be), the Members Show cost twice as much as it did in 2013 as bags of seed were given away as prizes and, lastly, we did not hold a Bring and Buy sale this year as we replaced it with the Christmas draw night instead.

She said there was no need to put up Subscriptions in 2016 as everyone contributed to the raffles etc., and the club was in a sound financial position.

(Accounts Proposed by Brian Mansell – Seconded by Brian Duncombe)

Election of Officers:

As the President was unavailable Tony Cash took the Chair for the election of a Chairman. (For elected officers click herel).

Thank you for all of your support. The AGM finished at 8.35 and we then had a break for refreshments and general discussion.