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October 2016 - Members Show

The Members Show was not as well supported as usual, which might be because of the L&SC BS 75th Anniversary show on Sunday! (tomorrow). Apologies were received from John Bishop / Alex Whitman, Martin Terry, Colin Ives, George Wilson and David Rice.

It was good to have John Gorrell, our Show Manager, working well with our judge, Ron Payne.  Also, many thanks to our members; they were great with all the help they gave. So ‘thank you’ to all who took the time to bring birds to the show; it was good to see you all and with everybody helping it made it a very enjoyable day for all.

After being booked in the birds were placed on the staging by all of our helpers, under the guidance of John Gorrell. 

Once Ron had started judging he gave a very clear running evaluation, explaining the reasons for his choices, sometimes judging from right to left and then from left to right to make it more interesting! 

That aside, the best bird won on the day, because the Judge is always right. We thank Ron for giving a full explanation of the various faults on the birds.

We had a full ploughman’s lunch after the judging of the major awards, which generated lots of conversation on winning birds.

The awards were made as follows:

Best In Show - Derek Ham

  BEST BUDGERIGAR IN SHOW (Shield) £20 Derek Ham 203-1 Shield
   BEST YOUNG BIRD IN SHOW £20 Derek Ham 310-1 Rosette
  BEST ANY AGE IN SHOW   Derek Ham 203-1 Rosette
  BEST OPPOSITE SEX ANY AGE   Graham Cornwall 18-1 Rosette
   BEST OPPOSITE SEX YOUNG BIRD   Derek Ham 310-1 Rosette
  BEST CHAMPION BIRD £20 Plummer & Dell 109-1  
  BEST CHAMPION ANY AGE         Rosette   Plummer & Dell 15-1  
  BEST CHAMPION YOUNG BIRD   Rosette   Plummer & Dell 109-1  
  BEST INTERMEDIATE BIRD £20 Graham Cornwall 5-2  
  BEST INTERMEDIATE ANY AGE   Rosette   Graham Cornwall 5-2  
  BEST INTERMEDIATE YOUNG BIRD   Rosette   Brian Mansell 117-2  
  BEST NOVICE BIRD £20 Delia Smith 208-1  
  BEST NOVICE ANY AGE            Rosette   Delia Smith 208-1  
  BEST NOVICE YOUNG BIRD      Rosette   N/E    
  BEST BEGINNER BIRD £20 Derek Ham 203-1  
  BEST BEGINNER ANY AGE           Rosette   203-1  
  BEST BEGINNER YOUNG BIRD    Rosette   Derek Ham 310-1  
  BEST JUNIOR Bird Trophy N/E    Rosette
BEST RED EYE   N/E   Special Rosette
BEST LUTINO       N/E   Special Rosette
BEST ALBINO      N/E   Special Rosette
£20 in Place of bags of Seed ! All section winners have Rosettes

Graham Cornwall presenting Best in Show award to Derek Ham

All in all we had a very good day, with everyone helping at some stage, for which I would like to thank you all again.

Don’t forget that the next meeting on the 25th November is the President’s Social Evening & Christmas Draw!  Our President, Graham Cornwall, is providing a buffet on the evening, so come and enjoy yourselves.

Many thanks to all working in the kitchen today etc.

June 2016 - Ron Payne

The Club’s President and Chairman, Graham Cornwall, introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Ron Payne. Ron is a well known Champion breeder and BS panel judge from Swindon, and has been a member of the BS since 1976.

The topic this evening was Supplements and in Ron’s words, “I made two bad mistakes this year, something much more basic that has cost me a whole breeding season. Luckily there are some birds I really like this year but what could have been . . . .  . .”

He had only recently returned from an engagement in Ireland and handed round some photographs. Ron also mentioned the high quality of the Ireland exhibits, the pleasure it was to judge this level of birds and the fine hospitality he received there.

He first talked about his early methods of feeding, which was plain seed, water and commercial soft food mix moistened and fed as stated on the packet. Then he watched a video on the well known South African fancier Reinhard Molkentin, who is known for growing and feeding a banquet of vegetables to his birds and produces outstanding results. So, Ron enriched his feeding methods with vegetables, fruits and supplements.  He then outlined his basic feeding plans and supplements as follows:

Countrywide Canary seed, white millet and Reaney Mix blended together to make the basic seed mix given to all, everyday.

Soft Food
Everyday mix - Carrot, Eggshells baked and crushed, Milled Linseed, Scottish Porridge Oats and Versele Laga’s Columbine Optimal Start and Probizyme.   

Fed on a rotating basis - Celery, Curly Kale, Spinach, Apple, Orange, and Fresh Herbs from the garden, especially mint.

Supplements fed on a rotating basis or as needed:
Flowers of Sulpher – an old time remedy recommended by a pigeon fancier as a moulting aid. Used for budgies to help grow through a bout of French Moult.

Wheat Germ, Biotin Plus, Na, Breedmax, Glucose, Calciform, B Pure, Bee Pollen, Selenium & Vitamin E, Sea Salt, Meal Worms. Naked Oats & Delish a type of Rye grass is given as a weekly treat.

Two Serious Errors Made This Year:

Ron pointed out how a change in work patterns can upset a successful feeding and caretaking pattern for the birds without even realising the consequences.  He said that recently his wife had retired from work. Before this happened,  he saw to his budgies beforehand, dropped his wife off at work and returned to the birdroom to attend to various chores and stay on top of things.  Once they were both retired, the more relaxed way of life saw the birds tended to later in the morning. He could see this did not suit them.  There were things missed and overlooked as a consequence. An example is that he added Avigold Advance to the water, overlooking the various supplements he already gave that contradicted good practice. Result: it was too much for the birds systems to cope with and breed successfully.

The second error was to separate the cocks and hens and only introduce them as he paired them in the breeding cages.  The cocks ended up being fit when the hens were not and vice versa.  When they are together the cock birds bring the hens into condition with their various vocalisations and wooing behaviours. In hindsight he realises this was a serious error that cost him valuable time off of his breeding season.

The last quarter of the evening was spent with questions and answers from the members, a discussion of various seed manufacturers’ quality, cleanliness of seeds and customer service when something does go wrong. Ron’s set up, which is all plastic now, was described as a bit tricky to get going but a joy when it comes to cleaning and maintaining.

We all enjoyed a thoroughly interesting and thought provoking evening.  Seeing all the supplements he uses displayed was also an education for every level of fancier.

The meeting could have continued into the evening, but the Chairman reluctantly had to bring the meeting to a close at 10 pm. The members showed their appreciation in the usual manner.

Ron extended a warm invitation to visit him when we can.  Ron accepted no expenses as he said, “I like to put something back into this hobby I have enjoyed for over 40 years!! 

The evening then concluded after the raffle and all were wished a safe journey home.

May 2016 - Young Stock Show

The meeting was called to order at 8.10 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman, Graham Cornwall.  Apologies were read out from Alex Whitman and Alan Joyce. (17 attended)

Mick Freeborn was our judge for the evening, (It was to be Dave Guppy, but after consulting with some of the other members and speaking to the Chairman, we worked out that approximately 20-28 birds max would be benched.  As it was long way on a bank holiday for Dave to travel for so few, we were able to get FreeBo as a local panel judge and also a member of Northdowns BS to adjudicate).   Mick started judging the birds at 8.35pm, (42 benched in the end, not our usual 70) after explaining how he was going to judge them and that he would make some allowance because of condition, as some of the birds this year seemed to be in-between moults.

Because it was a young stock show the classes were grouped together ‘cock and hen’ to simplify the judging and Mick said that condition was not paramount, as it was a members young bird show. Also, reclassification would happen if required, as no one would be wrong classed.

Mick Freeborn (Freebo)

Whilst judging Mick explained what features he was actually looking for in the birds and said that when there were two very similar birds it was difficult to place them first and second, as you needed to take into account all of their features / faults. He also stressed that birds entered deserved the time to allow them to perch.

Best Opp-Sex - Derek Ham

As the judging went on Mick kept up a running commentary and ensured that everyone could see what he was doing. Mick asked for questions and comments as he was judging and also when he had finished.

Best Intermediate - Brian Mansell

After the break he announced and awarded the winners of the evening, with Jim Lawrie taking Best Young Bird (nothing changes) and Derek Ham the Best Young Bird Opposite Sex.

BIS - Jim Lawrie

Mick then started to explain about the birds and the faults and the reasons why they were placed where they were on the benches.

Thanks to Jim Lawrie (acting show manager) for assisting Mick during the evening. 

Thanks also to all the helpers in the kitchen washing up etc, which made life a bit easier.

Best Barhead

 Our congratulations to the main winners of the evening:

  • Jim Lawrie : Best bird in show – Sky Cock
  • Derek Ham : Best Opposite Sex -  Cin Cobalt Hen   
  • Jim Lawrie:  Best champion –  Sky Cock 
  • Brian Mansell:  Best intermediate – Cin Sky Hen
  • David Rice: Best Novice – Barhead Sky Cock  
  • Derek Ham: Best Beginner –  Cin Cobalt Hen

I would also like to thank all of those that helped with the setting up and removal of the trestles, plus other jobs, which makes life a lot easier.

Once again, we all showed our appreciation to the Judge / Speaker for a very entertaining evening and for not taking any expenses.

The evening then concluded after the raffle and all were wished a safe journey home.

April 2016 - Steve Holland

Northdowns Budgerigar Society welcomed Steve Holland of the Holland Stud to their March 2016 Meeting.

The presentation was headed Structure and Feather, and was first presented at the Welsh BS Seminar.    

What has shaped the modern Budgie?

                                     60% structure - 40% feather

The original 1980 budgerigar was described as carrot shaped.  Today’s  budgerigar has a flatter and more inclined face resulting in a more owl shaped face with little or no fat reserve.

 This gives the illusion of size and a bigger platform, furthermore the Modern budgie does not last as long as a result of these changes.  We had a good young Grey Green Cock bird, a CC contender that died suddenly, an autopsy was performed which revealed he had died of a ruptured crop and had little or no fat reserves left.

It’s all smoke and mirrors - a marble head of the 1980s bird versus a ping pong head of the current bird creates the illusion of top end and the facial platform, widen either side of the cere  and you get an overall width of skull, shoulder and mask.  The repositioning of the eye and the achievement of the buffalo effect sets the facial platform.

He recalled Bill & Christine Heale’s winning Grey Green Cock bird had a new type of stance.  A lower leg position, a stiff leg appearance that makes the bird look longer.

All young birds within the Holland stud are accessed for these features using a star system at 6 weeks old, with the best being kept.

He outlined the following as important features in the development to the modern budgerigar.


Size increase – via selective breeding

Chest – The illusion of a bigger chest thru fat removal

Leg Position – The illusion of longer body thru lower leg position

Head proportions – Is it a marble or ping-pong ball?

Stance –The illusion of length thru a stiff leg stance

Facial Platform – flatter faces, frontal rise, capping and the buffalo effect   

                                  Angled at 45 degrees.               


The arrow like feather shape (narrower and lacking down feather) was on the original bird

Some earlier fanciers who influenced feather direction were Ken Farmer,
Angela Moss, Harry Bryan, Jim Moffet, Alf Omerod amongst others.

He explained various optical illusions created by manipulation of the feather.  Generally speaking, longer feathers tend to be narrower and shorter feather wider.

With the current feather being not quite as long but much wider with two levels of down feather at its base giving a more dense feather coverage and impression of increased size.

January 2016 - Annual General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8.05 pm and everyone was welcomed by our Chairman Jim Lawrie.

Apologies were received from Jeff Plummer, Clive Mayers, David Rice, Martin Terry, Malcolm & Pam Freemantle, Mick Freeborn, Steve Cox, Will Bien, Dee Boscoe, Shaun Thompson, George Sutcliffe and Harry & Sue Wadley.  (14)

Thank you to all that managed to make it so we could have an AGM!

Northdowns Minutes of AGM 2015

These had been sent to all Email members before the meeting and hard copies were given out at the meeting and there were no matters arising.

(Minutes then taken as a true account of AGM 2015: Proposed by Alex Whitman – Seconded by Derek Ham)

The Chairman then gave his report:

Welcome to the AGM, which gives the members an opportunity to elect officers to carry the Club forward in 2016.

We have 44 members and almost £2,500 Club funds. So the Club is in a pretty healthy state.

Thanks to our General Secretary, Tony, we had a varied programme last year. Most notably, we had the following guest speakers: Gary Hale, from Neath in Wales, who won the BS Club Show in 2005; Roy Aplin; and a novel and interesting talk on foreign birds by Ray Piper (Chairman of Havant CBS) - it was a pity that only 14 members attended to hear him.

Our General Secretary, Tony, announced his intention to stand down from his office in 2016, as he had been doing this job for over10 years and thought it time to take a back seat – though willing to help his successor.

We held an EGM at our September meeting, the purpose of which was not to take decisions and vote in new officers but to bring to the Club’s attention and give plenty of notice of the need for new officials to be appointed at the AGM.

I too announced that for personal reasons I would not be standing for election to any office.

We had a lively and constructive discussion. Offers were made by some to take on specific roles and duties, to ensure that the Club continued in 2016.

Unfortunately, due to a change of circumstances (moving home), Rick Watts notified me privately that he would be unable to fulfil his offer of becoming publicity officer and organiser of the 2016 programme.

However, I am sure we all grateful to Tony for stepping in and organising a full year’s programme for 2016.

I see no reason why this Club cannot continue to thrive in 2016 and beyond with the help of its members.

The President’s Report

The President, Graham Cornwall, also thanked Tony and Chris Angus-smith for all they done for the Society over many years and with new officers in place we will carry on the good work. 

He also thanked Barbara Davis who stepped in 2005 to take on the roll of treasurer as no other member wanted that job and for the professional way she had produces the accounts.

General and Membership Secretary’s report:

(I will do the minutes of this meeting to help the new General Secretary (`S) get started!)

I started by thanking the committee for all their work during the year, which had contributed to the success of the club. I said the club had picked up 1 new member during the year and now had 44 members (which included HLM and other free memberships and Partners), although there were a few that don’t come to meetings anymore, they are still members!

(I have produced a manual membership sheet for the proposed new membership secretary)

Most of the meetings had been well attended during the year and I hoped this would continue during 2016 and beyond with the new Officers / committee in place and with a full Programme now in place.

I said I was stepping down now after over 10 years in office;  it was time for me to have a break and allow others to take charge of the club & carry out the various duties required to run a successful Society!

We had held an EGM in September  to see if the club could survive this AGM and I was glad of the response we had regarding members coming forward who would take on some of the duties required to run the club!

As I said before, I was willing to be the Show secretary for the members show in October if the new committee wished so?

I confirmed that the hall was booked for the year 2016 with an invoice received and payment sent off in the post. Also 2017 needed to be booked on the last Friday of each month, apart from the October Members Show and that we needed to watch the BS show on 30th September & 1st October 2017, or it could clash. Booking details on another sheet!

(I could do the booking on behalf of new Secretary, if wanted)?

We have also paid for the club’s insurance for 2016 with the NCA via Ghalib Al-Nasser! (Make life a bit easier for new Treasurer)

I wish you all well and I will be contactable to help any of the new officers if needed with anything.

We now have only 5 members without Emails!

News letters / Pictures for web site send to: Terry Tuxford   terry@bestofbreeds.co.uk

Cage & Avairy, send to: Laura Keens:  Laura.Keens@kelsey.co.uk

Sue Luker for Hall Bookings: pandsluker@btinternet.com

07799728024: 01256 702425

Phillip Ebert (Monies / invoices) phillip_ebert@compuserve.com

Edna for Hall keys: 01256 703151

2nd Bungalow on left across the road

Also, the October meeting, being the Members show, would be held on Saturday 15th October in 2016 from 9.30am to 3.30pm  (Because of clashes & poor show attendance) Aldershot on 8th October 2016.

Treasurer’s report

Barbara Davis went through the profit and loss/balance sheet reports that had been sent or given out to members. Barbara said that, compared to 2014, the income had gone up slightly but the expenditure had gone way up.  This was because the food for the Members Show and Christmas draw was all paid for out of club funds (which it never used to be). The Members Show cost twice as much as it did in 2014, as bags of seed were given away as prizes and, lastly, we did not hold a Bring and Buy sale this year as we replaced it with the Christmas draw night instead.

She said there was no need to put up Subscriptions in 2017 as everyone contributed to the raffles etc., and the club was in a sound financial position.

(Accounts Proposed by Chris Angus-Smith – Seconded by Graham Cornwall)

Election of Officers:

The President took the Chair for the election of a chairman. (A copy of elected officers is attached for your perusal).

Thank you for all of your support. The AGM finished at 8.45 and we then had a break for refreshments and general chat about this and that and after a while we had the raffle and all were wished a safe journey home!